Antonio Piazza

is recognized as one of the leading mediators in the world.

Mr. Piazza is a 1974 graduate of the New York University School of Law. He pioneered the development of mediated negotiations as the preferred alternative to protracted conflict in complex civil disputes, having successfully mediated the resolution of more than four thousand cases since 1980.

These have included some of the most complex, high stakes and high profile disputes in the commercial sphere. They have involved the world’s preeminent companies, business leaders, and law firms, and have routinely reached resolution in a single day of mediated negotiations.

Individual settlements have exceeded one billion dollars.

Mr. Piazza’s unique ability to resolve immensely complex issues in intensely focused sessions has also proven a resource for reaching closure in time-driven business deals and international negotiations.

Antonio Piazza on Mediation

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Stephanie Chow

mediates a wide range of civil disputes. 

Her legal background includes intellectual property work with Amazon and an externship with Judge Kozinski in the Ninth Circuit. She is a member of the California and Washington State Bar.

Together with Antonio Piazza, Stephanie has resolved some of the largest, and most complex legal disputes domestic and international.

Stephanie founded the Diversity Initiative to address issues of gender equality, inclusion and sexual harassment. Stephanie consults with tech startups to build in, from the ground up, conflict management systems, and avoid diversion of management focus and resources in internal and external disputes for rapidly growing companies.